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Highest Quality Certified Loose Diamonds

Diamond Imports is a 100% Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney. Diamond Imports are diamond wholesalers, diamond importers and one of Australia’s largest diamond merchants. We are members of the International Diamond Exchange and foundation members of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia. When you are looking for loose diamonds, certified diamonds or wholesale diamonds – Diamond Imports have an extensive stock of diamonds to choose from and make buying diamonds an easy and safe process. At Diamond Imports you deal directly with the owners.

Unlike many other diamond web sites we do not list any diamonds that are not owned by our company and we do not compile lists of diamonds that may be available from all over the world. All the diamonds listed on Diamond Imports web site are in stock and available for immediate purchase. Diamond Imports sells diamonds at wholesale diamond exchange prices and specialise in excellent cut diamonds in all shapes and sizes.

Diamond Imports specialise in selling the Highest Quality Certified Diamonds. We provide detailed information about our Certified Diamonds. Diamond Imports has an extensive range of diamonds including Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Asscher Cut Diamonds, Emerald Cut Diamonds, Princess Cut Diamonds, Cushion Cut Diamonds, Radiant Cut Diamonds as well as Oval Shape Diamonds, Heart Shape Diamonds, Pear Shape Diamonds, Trilliant & Marquise Shape Diamonds.

Diamond Imports also offers information on diamonds for customers to learn and have a greater understanding about diamonds with our diamond education section. All our diamonds are independently certified by internationally accredited diamond grading laboratories. Diamond Imports only sell natural diamonds of the finest quality and we do not deal in conflict diamonds, clarity enhanced or treated diamonds. Diamond Imports offers excellent prices for quality diamonds. When you are looking to buy certified diamonds, loose diamonds or wholesale diamonds Diamond Imports will guide and educate you towards making and informed decision.

Diamond Imports has over 30 years experience in the Diamond & Jewellery Industries.
As one of Australia’s most trusted and reputable diamond wholesalers Diamond Imports offer expertise guidance, professional advise and friendly service from our GIA trained and Graduate Gemologists. Diamond Imports buys directly from the major international diamond bourses and our diamonds are hand picked and selected for their fine qualities, this translates towards substantial savings and competitive pricing for our customers when buying diamonds.
Diamond Imports are Foundation Members of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia.

Recommended Diamond Grading Laboratories

When buying diamonds online at Diamond Imports the customer has the satisfaction of knowing that they can rely on professional advice, expert guidance, detailed diamond information and an independent diamond certificate verifying specifications of the diamond. If you would prefer to consult and direct buy in person Diamond Imports Sydney head office is conveniently located in the CBD. The qualified staff at Diamonds Imports are able to assist you with any enquiries you may have or if you are looking for a particular diamond that is not listed on our web site please Contact Us with your enquiry or to arrange an appointment in our Sydney office. Please note we require photo identification prior to any appointment.

We suggest that you take the time to read our FAQ and Diamond Education Section. If you Register with Diamond Imports you will gain full access to our web site, including the complete diamond prices, a diamond wishlist to compare your selected diamonds and secure online shopping facilities.

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