Beware Diamond Drop Shippers

Before buying a diamond it is very important to ensure that the diamond advertised by the jeweller or online diamond store is actually owned by them and that the diamond is in stock and not overseas. Far too many jewellers and online diamond dealers advertise diamonds that they do not own, have never seen and diamonds that are not even in Australia. This is what you call a Drop Shipper – advertise items that you do not own – sell them online to a customer – receive full payment – have the item shipped – and skim off the profit!

Why would anyone in this day and age buy a diamond from anyone and pay upfront without ensuring that the diamond was in stock and that the dealer had actually seen it. How can a reputable diamond dealer or jeweller comment on, give advice or sell a diamond they have never seen, they do not own and a diamond that is not even in the country.

This is the one singular and most important differences between Diamond Imports and all other diamond dealers, jewellers and online stores – Diamond Imports does not advertise any diamond it does not own and all the diamonds listed on the Diamond Imports website are in stock and available for immediate purchase. All customers can be assured that any diamond can be viewed in our Sydney office or be delivered as soon as payment has been made in full if purchased online. Diamond Imports does not drop ship and does not sell diamonds that are overseas. You will never see one of Diamond Imports diamonds advertised on any other website.

If the diamonds the jeweller or diamond dealer is advertising are such a good deal and quality why are they not prepared to buy the diamond for their own stock?

In the past week one diamond drop shipper, namely Diamond Exchange Ltd, has had a Notification of Application to Wind Up Company filed against it –
519G Notification of Application to Wind Up Company Under S.
Since the Application to Wind Up Company there has been an ever increasing number of complaints by customers who have purchased diamonds from this diamond drop shipper for failing to deliver the diamond they purchased and failing to refund money. The JAA – Jewellers Association of Australia has finally put a notice on their website to inform the public about this drop shipper. Read the JAA Warning.

As of today this drop shipper is still taking orders and trying to sell diamonds they do not own to unsuspecting customers. Diamond Exchange Ltd still has a string of customers waiting for refunds and the delivery of diamonds they have paid for in full and they have made no attempt to place a notice on their website under the Company Announcements Section. In light of the failings of this diamond drop shipper Diamond Imports has felt it their duty to make this news announcement to help safeguard unsuspecting consumers who are endeavouring to purchase a diamond and also to ensure any potential customer that all the diamonds listed on the website are in stock and available for immediate delivery as soon as full payment has been received.

Diamond Imports prides itself on selling Superior Quality Certified Diamonds.

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