Comparing Certified Diamonds

The true test to evaluate a diamond is to visually compare it next to other diamonds. At the end of the day all the numbers, certificates and photos in the world mean nothing if you do not like the look of the diamond and it does not sparkle.

You may have heard of terms like Excellent Cut, Ideal Cut, Russian Make, Hearts and Arrows, Belgium Cut, Fine Make and others used by jewellers and diamond retailers when selling their diamonds in order to give the illusion of a ‘better’ quality diamond than other diamonds. Be wary of accepting these terms as is. They are especially dangerous when assigned to diamonds by the jeweler or diamond dealer themselves without third-party independent support such as a diamond certificate or diamond grading report.

It is important to remain aware of the facts and differences with certification and the process, as well as the different grading standards each diamond grading laboratory offers. While it might be possible to find certified diamonds with the same grade stated on a certificate that appears notably cheaper. As a potential diamond buyer you must be aware that there is no single set of parameters diamond laboratories grade to and every laboratory has a different set of standards. There is no such thing as cheap diamonds, if a diamond is advertised at a special price or seems to have a special price you should ask yourself why? There are no bargains in the diamond industry and there usually is a reason why one diamond is discounted or appears to be cheaper than another diamond.

Not all diamond grading laboratories are as well respected or as stringent in their grading as each other. The diamond certification laboratory or grading laboratory should be accredited, complaint and totally independent of the diamond dealer, jeweler or diamond retailer so that there is no conflict of interest or financial bias. A diamond certificate must be issued from an independent, accredited laboratory and it must accurately state the full details of the diamond if it is to be of assistance for the diamond purchaser. You should always make certain that you check the credentials of the diamond grading laboratory who issued the diamond grading report or diamond certificate. If you have not heard of the laboratory, it could very well be associated in some way with the store, jeweler or diamond wholesaler itself, and so have a vested interest in aiding the sale.

It can be a very daunting, often stressful and a long involved process when you are trying to choose the perfect diamond especially when it is for a diamond engagement ring. Just comparing diamonds on a diamond price match policy alone is not nearly good enough you have to visibly compare the diamonds next to each other to truly see which diamond is the better quality diamond.

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