Buying Diamonds & Engagement Rings

Diamonds are big business across the globe and Australia in particular has a huge diamonds industry operated by dependable traders who are part of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia. Not everyone who deals in diamonds is a member of the Diamond Dealers Club. There is a strict screening of applicants to the club to make sure that they are dependable, ethical, and financially secure. This means that only the leading diamond dealers and merchants qualify for membership.

Diamonds, they say, are a girl’s best friend, hardly surprising when you consider the amount of work that goes into mining them, and how much these diamonds are worth on the open market. However, it has not always been a simple matter to find a diamond engagement ring in a style that you want but, it is possible to buy a loose certified diamond and then have it set in a custom designed engagement ring for that special person.

Diamond Imports are a renowned founding member of the Diamond Dealers Club of Australia and are well known for their expertise in the jewellery industry and for the quality of their diamonds. As one of Australia’s foremost dealers in diamonds the company is noted for the cut and quality of their diamonds – more importantly Diamond Imports make it their business to ensure that their clients have the knowledge to make an informed decision when choosing diamonds.

It is a simple matter to have a beautiful diamond that you want made up in a ring design of your choice because Diamond Imports sells certified loose diamonds and also have their own team of master jewelers. The company only deals in quality diamonds which are independently guaranteed and certified by compliant, internationally recognized diamond grading laboratories. In the Australian diamond business the name Diamond Imports is associated with the best quality and finest cut diamonds.

Diamond Imports will provide knowledge and education about their quality stones for customers looking to buy diamonds. They deal in loose diamonds, certified diamonds, wholesale diamonds as well as custom made diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and other jewellery.

When you have your loose diamond made into the ring of your choice by a reputable dealer such as Diamond Imports you won’t have to just settle for a ready made ring or deal with a harried shop assistant who may not always be able to tell you very much about the diamond – when you buy your diamond from Diamond Imports you can rest assured that they will provide you with all the information you require concerning your diamond as well as a stunning hand made engagement ring.

Buying a diamond that is going to be made into an engagement ring is something that, hopefully, you only do once, so you want the best quality diamond you can afford. The cut of a diamond is extremely important and it is what gives a diamond its sparkle, fire and brilliance. The most popular cuts for engagement rings are round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds. There are other fancy shape diamonds which are unique and very beautiful, these include the pear and oval cut, asscher and cushion cuts as well as radiant, trilliant, marquise and emerald cut diamonds.

The price of the loose diamond that you buy is determined by its clarity, cut, carat weight and color as well as the shape of the stone. When you buy loose diamonds that have been independently certified you can be assured of the quality and you don’t have to depend on the pre-set designs on offer in most jewellery stores. Even those jewelers that carry loose stones have only a very limited number to choose from, which means you are restricted to the carat weight, color and cut that they have on offer. When you buy a diamond from a reputable diamond dealer like Diamond Imports you can be sure of the highest quality and a good selection of certified diamonds which you are able to compare and view before buying, which means that you always have a reliable investment and you buy diamonds with confidence.

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